Navigating Life With Innovative Wisdom, Powerful Resourcefulness and Wit.

  Sharon Hockenbury

Sharon has been passionate about support individuals with health and wellness choices of over 30 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance, is an Inspirational Speaker and an accomplished Vocalist, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, Fitness/TRX/Zumba instructor/Herbalist, Energy/Reiki Practitioner.

She is especially thankful for her nine children and the man she has been married to for 38 years. They are her greatest “accomplishments”.  They have been her profound teachers that have given her the platform to reach out and share her life experience.

Her journey in health and wellness began in a search for ways to support her third child, Trey, who was born with a rare birth defect.  He was later diagnosed with cancer.  "Alternative" therapies were the only hope, as Western medicine had no "cure" Like many, passion and purpose is born out of suffering.  This is true in Sharon's case.  Her son died when he was 10 1/2.  It was not cancer that killed him, but a medical drug overdose.  She has walked the road of grief and forgiveness.  She believes her son was an angel on assignment to lead her down the road to help others on their journey into health and well-being. 

She has served as a DOULA, midwife assistant and considers herself a lay/spiritual midwife with hundreds of births attended.  One year included over 120 births.

She loves the outdoors and hiking.  She can be found often in "downtime"  developing Zumba routines and finding music for her students to inspire and encourage them as well as herself. Being a grandma as added such a rich dimension to her life.

She and her husband decided to purchase "Nature's Market Place", which has been renamed Twin Peaks Nutrition and Wellness - The Community Hub of Health and Wholeness, in North Bend, Washington.  It now serves as a kingpin to continue to serve the community with her Innovative Wisdom, Powerful Resourcefulness, and Wit.

She reads and reads and reads.  Her years of experience have given her wisdom beyond fad. She has an innate ability to recall and remember resources and share them with individuals.  She loves to laugh and uses her wit to "lighten the load" that can sometimes get heavy for those struggling with various life challenges.  

She loves to help individuals draw forth the strength, wisdom, and authenticity of body, mind, and spirit, that lies within. She knows there are no “pat answers” for everyone, but each one has the answers seated deep in their soul.

Recovering from fundamentalism and awakening to what Sharon calls a "broader spiritual experience." , has brought freedom, joy and deepened her awareness of her life's calling.

As a featured speaker, she shares from a real and honest place. She has a sense of humor, inspires hope, optimism, and is a source of encouragement to those who hear her speak and sing.